Biblical Counsellor

Lesley was born and raised in the heart of Toronto’s Parkdale area. God saved her at the age of 18, just before she entered into her Bachelor of Social Work at Ryerson University. During this time, she wrestled with the world’s solutions to life’s problems, giving many “band-aid’s” but never everlasting hope or change. In God’s sovereignty, she went through her own desperate need for counselling, and this is where the Lord led her to solidify His solutions to her own heart.

Two weeks after graduating with her BSW she entered into her Master’s program of Biblical Counselling at The Master’s University in Santa Clarita, California. That summer she was set up at a mutual friend’s wedding, where she met her now husband, Robin, and they were married two years later. She currently has her MA in Biblical Counselling and is ACBC certified.

Lesley has a zeal for counselling women of all ages, backgrounds, and stories, to reveal to them the goodness of God, His Word, and His Spirit. She loves to come along side of them, in the hopes that they will find the same transformation she did. As she experienced and can share with you, the result of being continually freed from one’s heart’s desires will always bring supreme joy and incomparable peace.