DATE TAUGHT: Friday, October 12th 2018

TEACHER: Thaddeus Maharaj

Have you ever wondered, how do I read and correctly interpret the Bible?

Our READ SCRIPTURE WORKSHOPS are one night workshops where we explore the principles for faithful Bible interpretation.

This READ SCRIPTURE WORKSHOP covers the basic principles for reading and interpreting the Bible using a New Testament Letter or epistle as an example.

In the first half of the workshop (part one) we cover the principles of interpretation, and in the second half (part two) we apply those principles to the letter of Jude.

Below you will find:

  • Video Slides together with the audio recording for the live workshop (2 parts)
  • Audio Only (MP3) of the workshop (2 parts)
  • Workshop worksheet (PDF) which you can print and follow along
  • Teacher’s notes (PDF) for leading a small group through this workshop
  • Presentation Slides (Interactive PDF)
  • Read Scripture: JUDE (Bible Project Video)

We hope that these materials will help you to grow in your love and understanding of God’s Word!

Video Slides with audio (2 Parts)

Print out the worksheet PDF (below) and use these videos to follow along with the workshop.
(TIP: You can use the gear icon to speed up/slow down the video so you can follow better)

Audio MP3 (2 Parts)

Alternatively, you can listen to just the audio of the workshop – or download it to listen later.
To download, on some browsers it may open in a new window where you can download the audio by clicking on the ‘three dots’ at the side of the audio player OR you may have to right-click the button links below and choose Save As…


The Principles of Interpretation


Interpretation of the Letter of Jude

Print and Other Materials

These are the additional materials used during this workshop. Feel free to use them if you’d like to go through the workshop together with a small group or Bible study.


This workshop was designed to be used together with the worksheet. You can download and print this PDF to follow along with the lesson and make notes.


These are the teacher’s notes from the workshop. You can download and print the PDF here. This would be a good resource for leading a small group through the material in this workshop.


These are the presentation slides from the workshop. It is an Interactive PDF – to view it as a slideshow presentation, you will have to download it on your computer to run it.


This is the Bible Project’s animated video breakdown of the letter of Jude. It serves as a helpful supplementary aid to our own Bible study and interpretation.

Other Helpful Resources for Bible Study

We live in a time where there is such amazing access to great resources to help us understand and apply God’s Word rightly! Here are some recommended resources to aid your growth in the understanding and interpretation of God’s Word.

Books on Reading the Bible

Here are a few great books on how to interpret and handle God’s Word:

Recommended Study Bibles

Study Bibles are a Bible Translation printed with notes alongside (or in footnotes) with the Scripture that helps give some depth or explanations to understand the text. They usually also include cross-references, maps, timelines, charts and illustrations to help the reader understand the biblical world better.

Here are a few recommended study bibles:

Bible Commentaries

Commentaries are an invaluable resource for Bible study. They help to explain the meaning of passages of Scripture and how it fits together with the Bible. They often help with understanding the original languages and, historical and cultural background of the biblical texts. They are bit more of an investment than a Study Bible, but they provide more scholarly insights which you may not find in a Study Bible.

Here are 3 basic types of commentaries with some examples:


These are a great option on a budget. They are usually written by one author or a small group of authors and provide insights on every book of the Bible.


These are sets of commentaries on books of the Bible which provide more in-depth insights as they are generally written by different scholars who specialize in particular book(s) of the Bible. You can buy them as a set or simply buy individual volumes of a set for a particular book that you’re studying.


These are written by individual scholars on a single book of the Bible. They are best for the most in-depth, scholarly material on a particular book. Check out the “Top Commentaries Lists” at or for great recommendations!

Bible Software

These Bible softwares allow you buy digital resources (commentaries, etc) to add to your library and use in conjunction with other Bible study tools in digital form (often for much less than printed versions). They also have handy mobile apps for easy access anywhere:

Online Resources

There are also many good online resources which are available for free! However, not all online resources are good, so here are a few that we recommend to get you started:

The materials for our READ SCRIPTURE WORKSHOP are offered through our website free of charge for personal use or in small groups for the edification of individuals in the body of Christ and the Church globally. Please, no editing or redistribution of this content without the expressed written permission of Hope Church Toronto West. The video from The Bible Project is not produced by Hope Church Toronto West and is used only as a supplementary resource.


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