“Why Membership?”

The New Testament clearly indicates that groups of people who were followers of the Lord Jesus Christ identified themselves with, and committed themselves to a particular local body. In order to implement the principles of accountability and commitment to the local body of Christ, as defined in the New Testament and practiced in the early church, Hope Church Toronto West recognizes the need for formal membership. Membership at Hope Church Toronto West is for all who are believers in the Lord Jesus Christ and have visibly demonstrated that commitment through believer’s baptism.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a Member?
  • Attend the “Step 2: LEARN” class. This class is a clear and concise overview of who Christ is, how one becomes a Christian, and how to be meaningfully connected to the church.

  • Upon completion of the class, any person professing personal faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour who has expressed that commitment visibly by being baptized, or is willing to be baptized at the next available service, should indicate their desire for membership on the membership application form and submit it to the church office for further review and a follow up interview.

  • Your name and picture will be placed in front of the church for a period of two weeks. During this period members will be encouraged to clear up any relational or other difficulties which could hinder your ministry among us. This is done in the spirit of Matthew 18:15-17 so that both you and the Hope Church family will benefit.

  • At the end of the two week period, those who remain as candidates will be welcomed into membership.

What are my responsibilities as a Member?
  • I have, by faith, become a follower of Jesus Christ and I have been baptized as a visible way of demonstrating that commitment.

  • I am committed to worship Christ. As part of my worship lifestyle, attending Sunday services at Hope Church is a high priority for me. Further, I am financially supporting the ministry of our church by giving back to the Lord a biblical portion of my increase.

  • I am continuing to walk with Christ and in fellowship with other Christ-followers through regular and personal study of the Bible, prayer, personal witness, involvement in a small group and by avoiding criticism of others and always seeking to biblically resolve any conflict in the spirit of Matthew 18:15-17.

  • I am at work for Christ and have found my place of service at Hope Church. I am committed to fruitful ministry by using my spiritual gifts for God’s glory.


I'm in! What's my next step?


Click here to go to Our Beliefs page to help you understand what we believe here at Hope Church Toronto West.



Download and read our church’s legal by-laws.



After you have read our Doctrinal Statement and By-Laws, please use this link to submit your application for Membership and we’ll be in touch with you shortly with your next steps. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us or call the office (416-521-9292) for more information. Thanks!

Once we have received your Membership Application, you will be contacted shortly to schedule your Membership Interview where you will sit down with one of our staff to discuss more details about membership and answer any questions you may have. You will also receive further details on the rest of the process as well as the next time we will be welcoming in our next batch of members to our church.

Got more questions on Membership?

Contact Thaddeus at, or call 416-521-9292 for more information about becoming a member at Hope Church Toronto West.


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