Our Mission: “To glorify God by strengthening parents to disciple their children.”

The foundation we stand on is Jesus Christ. We believe that as we open and learn from the Bible every week with the children, they will see how they are a part of a bigger story. In this big story they are recipients of incredible love and grace from our God who has brought us the solution to our problem of sin through the life, death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ. It is this big picture of God’s story of redemption that we passionately seek to communicate to the children in ways they can understand and grasp by coming alongside and supporting the primary leadership of parents and guardians in the home.

What to expect on Sunday morning?

The first time you bring your child to Hope Church Toronto West, please register them at our Hope Kids Check In table. Anyone from our Welcome Team ( may be recognized by their green shirts) can help you. Once registered you will be directed to drop off your children at their age appropriate classroom.

Below is a list of the classes and their age groups:

NURSERY – Birth to 18 months

TODDLERS – 18 months to 3 years

PRE-SCHOOL – 3 years to JK


GRADES 1 & 2

GRADES 3 to 5


JK to Grade 2

Students will be taught the story of the Bible, and how to engage in a deeper relationship with God. The curriculum we are using is called “What’s in the Bible?” which gives children a big picture understanding of the story of the bible through important stories and concepts found in Genesis all the way to Revelation! Through this media friendly curriculum, students with different learning styles will develop a strong biblical foundation for a lifetime of faith through video clips, activities, songs, games, and crafts. You are invited to learn with us by watching the “What’s in the Bible?” episodes on Right Now Media.

Grade 3 to Grade 5

We recognize that students are being bombarded with different messages that the world sends them about what is true. Our aim for our students is to learn biblical doctrine and how to respond to it and live it out in their daily lives. They will be going through a series of engaging lessons developed from the questions and answers of the New City Catechism. This curriculum is designed to help children learn the core doctrines of the Christian faith. You are invited to join us on our journey of the New City Catechism by downloading the app and going through it with your families.  


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