Compassion Canada is a gospel-centred organization that seeks to help children living in poverty to develop healthy minds, bodies and relationships while discovering God’s love for them. They do this through coordinating sponsorships, and our Church has partnered with Compassion to sponsor Children from Cap-Haïtien, Haiti. As well as support projects in Cap-Haïtien to help mothers and their newborns survive and thrive.


If you would like to get involved in our partnership with Compassion Canada by sponsoring a child, please email Aimee Esparaz, our Compassion Canada representative, or call their Contact Centre at 1-800-563-5437 to request a child from the “Hope Church Toronto West Haiti Cluster”.

Thank you for your partnership!

This money will go towards rebuilding schools for Compassion Children and providing emergency relief.


How will your money help?

During COVID-19 sponsorship enables us to meet the very real and urgent physical needs of children and their families. And it also enables our local partners to meet relational and spiritual needs through encouragement from the Bible, tutor and deliver programming and trauma counselling in these unprecedented times.


Where does the money go?

Your monthly donation ensures kids have the hygiene, medication and health supplies they need to make it through the pandemic. It also ensures their families have the food and housing security they need as their nations deal with the ongoing impact of COVID-19.

Financial Integrity

Your monthly contribution will be delivered through local churches around the world by staff members in the field who know the immediate needs of each child registered with Compassion, as well as their families and communities.

  • 80% to program
  • 20% to fundraising & administration

Frequently Asked Questions

How does sponsorship help kids?

Sponsorship gives children living in extreme poverty personal attention, guidance and love through the support of a local church. It gives children access to health care, hygiene training and supplementary food. It provides formal and non-formal opportunities for education to discover their unique gifts and abilities. And it also gives kids the opportunity to hear about Jesus as they grow physically, emotionally, relationally and spiritually.

Is sponsorship still relevant during COVID-19?

The need for Sponsorship is greater, now more than ever. While children in some countries are not coming to the development centre or church building where they normally receive the program due to COVID-19, the church is going to them.

Our staff members and volunteers in each country visit children at home, when possible, deliver food and hygiene kits and check-in with children on social media. They also deliver Bible lessons and counselling over mobile devices and even broadcast radio messages into communities.

By staying connected in these ways, we can understand the specific needs of your sponsored child and his or her family too.

Why do you work with local churches?

Compassion works exclusively with local churches because they know the names and faces of the children in their community and can best understand and respond to their challenges. They are known and trusted by their neighbours and are able to reach those in the greatest need with compassion and through the love of God.

We equip our local church partners with the resources, training and expertise to help children escape poverty. Each church is empowered to implement the program in a way that meets the specific needs of the children they serve. In this way the physical, spiritual, emotional and relational needs for children are met as they are empowered to overcome poverty in all its forms.


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