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The goal of the NEW LIFE Discipleship Program is to help new and renewed believers GROW in their faith through regular, intentional and personal mentorship.


“Like newborn infants, long for the pure spiritual milk, that by it you may grow up into salvation—if indeed you have tasted that the Lord is good.” (1 Peter 2:2)

If we are to GROW in our faith, it does not happen automatically. We need to be helped along by Spirit-filled mature believers who can urge us to ‘follow me as I follow Christ’ (1 Corinthians 11:1).

The NEW LIFE Discipleship Program seeks to help facilitate these types of mentorship relationships.



Here are 3 quick reasons why we believe NEW LIFE Discipleship would be helpful for you:

1. Big groups are scary

Sometimes it’s hard to get real in a big group of people – especially if we don’t yet know and trust them. We often feel less free to open up about personal struggles or details of our life in a bigger group. NEW LIFE Micro Groups are meant to be small and intimate to help facilitate close friendships where trust can be built and you can feel safe to share life.

2. Starting off in the Christian life is often hard

If you’re new to the faith or just starting to get serious about pursuing a life transformed by the Christian faith, you very quickly find out – “THIS IS HARD!” We’re often confronted with the cost of following Christ and many questions – it can be confusing! Often we don’t know where or who to go to with these struggles.

This is where having a more experienced mentor in the faith can be very helpful!

3. Customized & tailored for your growth

One of the most confusing things about starting to grow in the Christian faith is the question, “Where do I even begin?” There are so many topics to understand and the Bible has so many books – this can all feel overwhelming!

The NEW LIFE Curriculum has been carefully chosen to fit the needs of new and renewed believers in Christ. It will give you the essentials you need to start building a firm foundation in the faith as you continue to grow towards maturity in Christ.


Here’s what the NEW LIFE Discipleship Program looks like:


You will be matched with a mentor who has a passion for seeing others know, love and follow Christ and has been hand-picked by the elders of our church and trained for NEW LIFE Discipleship. The size of the NEW LIFE MicroGroups is intentionally kept small at about 2 to 4 people.


The primary book used in the NEW LIFE Program is “The Walk: Steps for New and Renewed Followers of Jesus” by Stephen Smallman. This excellent resource helps stimulate thoughtful discussion and reflection on the core truths of the Christian faith and their impact on our lives today.


Wisdom is knowledge rightly applied. We don’t just want you to know WHAT to believe, but also HOW that impacts the way we live our lives. NEW LIFE Discipleship is focused on helping new/renewed believers apply these glorious truths of the Christian faith to everyday life.


The timeline for this program is designed to be flexible based on your schedules – allowing MicroGroups to meet as often as is needed and convenient. Each NEW LIFE MicroGroup will figure out together what dates and times work best for their schedules.

The typical schedule for NEW LIFE MicroGroups is to meet every other week for 12 weeks (6 months).


MicroGroups are free to meet wherever it is convenient and comfortable for NEW LIFE Discipleship to take place. MicroGroups can meet around the dinner table in the home or in cafes or other similar casual locations.


We hope that you see the urgent need for intentional discipleship and growth in your faith, and that you are prayerfully considering how you can grow more towards the fullness of maturity in Christ.

If you’re interested in being mentored through our NEW LIFE Discipleship Program, simply sign up through the button below – we’d love to walk with you!


Below are a few frequently asked questions about the NEW LIFE Program.

Why do I need a spiritual mentor?

The pattern of discipleship which we see in the Bible is one of personal and intentional mentorship. Jesus spent 3 years mentoring his disciples, Paul spent time mentoring young Timothy (1 Timothy 1:2) and urged mature men and women to also mentor those younger in the faith (Titus 2:1-8). This is the labour of discipleship which all Christians should aim towards:

“Him we proclaim, warning everyone and teaching everyone with all wisdom, that we may present everyone mature in Christ. For this I toil, struggling with all his energy that he powerfully works within me.” (Colossians 1:28-29)

No Christian can live that out alone. You can’t proclaim to yourself, or warn yourself, or teach yourself completely in this way because we don’t know the things we don’t know! So, we need others to proclaim to us, warn us and teach us with all wisdom so that we might mature in Christ.

Discipleship is a community project – this is why we believe that spiritual mentorship is vitally important for our growth in the faith.

Is there any financial cost NEW LIFE Discipleship?


There is no financial cost of being involved in the NEW LIFE Discipleship Program. The only ‘cost’ to you is your time.

Do we have to purchase the book?

NO. A copy of the book (“The Walk: Steps for New and Renewed Followers of Jesus” by Stephen Smallman) will be provided to each member of the NEW LIFE Program at no cost to you!

This book is an amazing resource that is easy to read, thoroughly biblical, and great for facilitating discussion around foundational truths of our faith and Christian life.

You can check out a summary of the chapters of the book HERE.

What if I don't own a Bible?

We will gladly provide you with a copy of God’s Word so you can read it yourself and have your life transformed by it! Simply let us know and we’ll make sure to get a copy in your hands.

Is there any requirement for NEW LIFE? What if I'm not baptized yet?

The only requirement for NEW LIFE Discipleship is that you profess faith in Jesus Christ alone for salvation from your sins. You profess that Jesus is your substitute: He died in your place for your sins and gave you His righteousness out of undeserved mercy and grace. That’s it!

Baptism and/or membership are not requirements for NEW LIFE Discipleship. However, they will be topics that are brought up and discussed in the NEW LIFE Program.

What does the NEW LIFE curriculum cover?

Here are the 5 main topics our NEW LIFE curriculum aims to cover:

· Foundational Doctrine (What do we believe and why?)
· Christian Ethics (How does God expect us to live as Christians?)
· Piety (How do I study the Bible? How to pray? What are spiritual disciplines?)
· Church (What is the importance of church, baptism, the Lord’s supper and community?)
· Mission (How do we live out Jesus’ Great Commission to us?)

While you wait to get plugged-in to a NEW LIFE MicroGroup, check out our RESOURCES page to start growing more in the Lord.

Got more questions on NEW LIFE?

Contact Pastor Andrew at andrew@hopechurchtw.ca or call 416-521-9292 for more information.


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