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Aniko was born in St. Catharines, Canada, but moved to the U.S during childhood. Growing up Roman Catholic in a small community in New York, she did not think much of God besides the holidays she was obligated to go to at church and the Hungarian traditions around religion that her family would celebrate.

Fast forward to her final year of University, while she was getting her B.A. in dance and mathematics, she started dating her now husband Patrick. After graduation, it was clear she would need to move back to Canada to be with Patrick and so they moved into a house in North York.

Prior to the start of the Pandemic in 2020, Aniko was teaching dance and living her life for herself, while Patrick was questioning his faith. During the lockdown, they both came to a realization that Jesus Christ was a real person and that the bible wasn’t just a story, but the truth. God in His Grace then changed both their hearts and  they had a small intimate wedding in 2020 and were baptized at Hope Church Toronto West 2 months later. Three years later, God blessed their family with the birth of their first child, Lily. They are happy to call Hope Church their home and have enjoyed attending with family and friends alike!


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